VanPool Virginia

Besides reducing traffic, lessening stress and allowing you to actually be productive on your way to work, vanpooling saves you money on gas, parking and personal auto maintenance. All while reducing your carbon footprint. To learn more about vanpooling, visit

Benefits of Vanpooling

  • Cut Commuting Costs: Pay less for your commute with pre-tax dollars up to $260 per month or a subsidized transit benefit and spend less on gas, tolls, and personal vehicle maintenance. Save up to $10,000 in commuting costs annually!
  • Guaranteed Ride Home/Emergency Ride Home: This service ensures that you can get an emergency ride home if you choose to vanpool.
  • Less Stress: Vanpooling takes away the stress of commuting. It adds time to your day to rest, socialize or catch up on your favorite podcast.
  • No Tolls: Vanpools  can ride the Express Lanes on I-95I-495,  I-66 and I-64 FREE! No tolls! You only need an E-ZPass Flex.
  • Preferred Parking: Some employers offered preferred parking spaces to employees who vanpool.
  • Helping the Environment: You can feel good knowing you are helping the environment. Each year, vanpools in Virginia reduce CO2 auto emissions by almost 65,000 tons.
  • Helping Reduce Traffic Congestion: Each year, vanpools in Virginia take more than 3 million cars off the road.